Our team comes from a wide and varied background in the scientific and medical community. Our understanding of biochemistry and the body’s physiological processes is far deeper than standard ‘marketing’ supplement companies who often are driven by profit margins and hype promotional strategies.

We bring to you intelligent formulation to provide for you more effective yet affordable products.

In our range, what is on the label is in the product.

Honesty is the guarantee for the power-banding potency of our products.

Honesty in everything we do and offer is something, which cannot be over-emphasized, because it is unfortunately missing with so many brands in our industry.

A long time before creatine was ever used by athletes and body builders, scientists back in 1962 set out to measure the direct relationship with of Vitamin E and creatine stored in muscle. In the summary of their research published in a reputable peer reviewed journal, they summarized that when Group A’s diet was set up to make the subjects deficient in Vitamin E, they observed a significant reduction in  muscle creatine stores and higher levels of creatine being passed in their urine. Group B whose levels of Vitamin E were kept at the constant pre-study levels exhibited no significant change in creatine levels stored in muscle. Group C whose vitamin E levels in their diet were increased exhibited a measurable net increase in creatine levels in their muscle tissue. The relationship appears to be the ability of the muscle cells to hold the creatine for longer thus leading to the ability of the body to store more optimum total creatine pools.

This study is well known to serious researchers on creatine but because it was not published in the digital age and some 30 years before any commercial production and sale of creatine, it is unfortunately a study which the supplement industry has failed to find out…. until now.

A world first! We are the first company to bring this important breakthrough formula to the world market.


A World First from Powerband! We are the first company to bring this important breakthrough formula to the world market.

Discover the next new level in creatine supplementation.

Kre-Alkalyn® gets even better when combined with a high quality source of Vitamin E.

Q.        What is better than Kre-Alkalyn®?

A.         Kre-Alkalyn® + Vitamin E

Why?   It stays with you longer.

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