Choosing the right gym is one of the most challenging things on your to-do list if you consider your workouts a really important part of your life – you have to be picky, well-informed and demanding. It has to meet each and every last whim of yours so you can feel truly comfortable. Today we bring you our tried and tested checklist with the ultimate goal of saving you time and money. Print it out and go gym hunting!

1. Location
You can't really be bothered to travel an hour to reach your fitness, right? Chances are, you will be readily giving up the day's workout if you have to travel to the other side of town. Check carefully for a fitness between your office and your home – this is the best place if you like to exercise before or after work.

2. Prices
Yes, it's important – but don't choose the cheapest option as it's actually going to cost you more in the long run. Mainly, nerves and time. It's better to pay a bit more to feel comfortable and have everything you need in one place, right? Consider the option of a trial period before signing up for a whole year. And always ask for a free tour or workout – this is the only way to check all the boxes from our checklist!

3. Working hours
As obvious as it may seem, your schedule should be King when it comes to choosing a fitness. You like working out late in the evening? Or very early in the morning? You don't like to visit during the most crowded hours? Consult with the staff and save yourself any surprises.

4. Atmosphere
You should consider whether you should join a same-sex or a co-ed gym. You have to feel comfortable and basically forget there's someone else around you, so take into consideration the average visitor of the gym as well. Before signing up for a long-term contract you have to take a tour and asses the overall feeling you get from just being there – even without exercising.

5. Hygiene
Yes, it has to be clean and it has to well-ventilated. Look at the lockers, the towels, the showers. Look for any signs of mould or dirt. Everything that looks suspicious is an indicator for a compromised hygiene. Sniff around, as gross as it may sound –it can save you the drama of having to breathe someone else's sweat.

6. Staff
Are they friendly and helpful, do they put you at ease? If not, just leave right away.

7. Equipment
A well-equipped gym should have a few of the most used machines, so you don't have to wait half an hour to get on the treadmill, for example. Look around for the equipment you will need most and assess its condition – is it new, is it well-maintained. Is it comfortably situated? Bear in mind the fact that comfort is the thing that should guide you. Also, think in perspective and ask yourself what are your goals – you may be a beginner but in a few months you might need more in the weight-training department, for example.

8. Classes
Do they offer any classes? You might want to mix and match with a few yoga classes from time to time, and it's an added bonus if it's at your gym.


Don't forget to ask your friends, as well – this checklist is nowhere near as valuable as the opinion of someone who matters to you and shares your fitness routine. After going through all the steps you might find that a friend's two cents proves to be the decision-making factor.

If you have your own recommendations, don't hesitate to share them in the comments section! After you've found your gym, the hard work can begin. Don't forget that Kre-Alkalyn® + Vit.E can help you achieve better results faster –you can learn more about it in our first post!

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