In our first blog post we promised we'd keep you motivated with inspirational stories from fitness professionals. We decided to start off with a CrossFit personal trainer who shares his tips for going through one hell of a fitness routine.

Meet Alex Kirilov – basketball, handball and fitness experience, enclosed in a body that could easily walk through fire and ice. Read on to discover what keeps him in top shape, motivated and healthy. He also shares which is the most common misconception people have about building a truly remarkable physique!

1. What was the reason you chose CrossFit as a fitness routine?

I chose Crossfit because it is a training routine which develops all bodily functions, working primarily with free weights – levers, kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds. This type of workouts test your will's strength – each time you go far beyond your comfort zone and you have to work under extreme conditions.

2. Which is the most challenging part of your workouts?

The biggest challenge in CrossFit workouts are the exercises – thruster, clean and jerk, and of course - everybody's favourite, the burpee.

3. Can you share some tips on how to train longer?

During Crossfit workouts your body is put to the test in every aspect. You have to train for strength, endurance and power endurance - I can give you several pieces of advice:
- Don't push yourself with weight training. Instead, concentrate on good technique!
- Eat at regular intervals and never skip breakfast – this will help you train longer and have more endurance.
- Sleep at least 8 hours before a heavy workout.
- Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

For endurance and improved strength I take Kre-Alkalyn® + Vit.E an hour before workout and I am amazed that its effect lasts more than 3 hours. I breathe more easily and my performance is better. Nothing else works like it and I strongly recommend it to everyone!

4. What gives you the power and motivation to continue with CrossFit?

What keeps me motivated is the will to become better than what I was yesterday. There is nothing greater than seeing how you upgrade yourself with each and every day. The process is long and very difficult. Come to think of it, everything which is worth our efforts requires immense strength and dedication, but the end result is what matters. There is no short and easy path to success.

5. What diet do you follow and how does it impact your workouts?

Nutrition is a significant part of the puzzle which we must put together in order to progress and recover. I'm on a low-carb diet with a high percentage of fats. During the long years of workouts I learnt that my body works best with this regime. We must listen to what our bodies say all the time.

6. Share some funny moments from your career

One of the funniest moments in my career is when I tell the truth to my clients. There was this client once who showed me the picture of a woman with an amazing body structure and asked me "How much time would I need to get a body like that?". I answered "If you follow the diet I suggested and workout at least 5 times a week, a year or two from now you may eventually get close to that woman's body.". Stunned by my answer, she said "Are you serious?!".
Many people don't really want to hear the truth, they always want quick results, if possible – even immediate results. Unfortunately, I'm extremely honest and always tell them the painful truth.

7. List the goals you have set for the future

I have many goals, but to maintain good health is the most important one. Also, to become stronger and more enduring, and to be able to do more with my body.

We hope that Alex has inspired you to improve your fitness routine – he surely put a whole new chapter of motivation in the Powerband book!

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