Welcome to the Kre-Alkalyn + Vitamin E official blog!

We are inspired to launch our blog with loads of roughly shaped ideas and inexhaustible amounts of energy. It will be a dedicated space for all the experience we have, synthesised in the form of tips, tricks and workout ideas. Here you’ll also be able to find all the information you need to power through your workouts, get fit and see great results more quickly with the help of our breakthrough formula called Kre-Alkalyn® + Vit.E. Last but not least, we’ll share with you chats with fitness gurus, advice on staying healthy and close-ups on different kinds of sport to keep you motivated!

But, first things first - let’s have a look at the formula we put our hearts into - Kre-Alkalyn® + Vit.E. It is a unique dietary supplement which will help you boost your workouts in numerous ways:

• Boosted creatine stores

• Superior uptake and boosted storing of creatine in muscles 

• Up to 23% improvement in VO2 MAX

• Lower load of the heart at peak performance

• Minimised muscle tissue loss as a result of training

• Faster recovery thanks to faster clearance and buffering of the lactic acid in muscles

• Faster utilization of the fat stores

How does it bring you all these benefits? The combination of Kre-Alkalyn and Vitamin E in a single product was a logical conclusion after we reviewed many research studies done over the past 60 years. This powerful duo helps your muscles retain higher levels of creatine instead of loosing it with the urine. In this way creatine, which is an energy carrier, remains where it is most needed and supplies your muscles with the energy it needs to train longer!

Vitamin E also lends a helping hand in the recovery of muscle cells after working out. No pain, no gain is something we all tell ourselves when training hard, but in order to preserve the muscle tissue we would otherwise loose as a result from anaerobic exercise, our body needs vitamin E. Apart from being a necessary antioxidant, uniquely for this formulaitalso helps offset the need for anaerobic energy production, reducing the amount of lactic acid build-up. In this way the product helps the body overcome fatigue and shortens the necessary periods of recovery between workouts.

As a consequence of the synergy between Kre-Alkalyn and Vitamin E you can also breathe more easily and stay fresh longer, as your heart will not suffer from an overload during exercise - which leads to an increase in its efficiency!

What does this mean for your workouts? The recommended dose of Kre-Alkalyn® + Vit.E will help you train longer and reduce negative effects such as fatigue, pain and muscle cell death (appoptosis) after exercise. Only this creatine formula is proven to act in both directions due to the combination with vitamin E!

You can start today and double the action - results are not far away!

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