The most effective formula for success in sport (and life in general), is setting the right goals. No matter how big they are, they should be present in our consciousness at all times, motivating us and generating the energy and we will need to achieve the desired results. It really doesn’t matter what these goals are – repetitions, kilos or kilometers, it’s very important to keep mind and body in good shape so as to achieve our goals and surpass them. :)

If you’re following an active workout regime most probably you have experienced an injury and you know how this affects your regime and prevents you from working out. Demotivation can affect your whole life. This is why it’s so important to always keep one golden rule in the back of your mind: Never overestimate your abilities. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you probably wish you could achieve your goals faster. This attitude may blur the lines and prevent you from adequately judging your condition – thus leading to injuries.

We created a list of important factors to have in mind for those of you who are training or want to train actively. Following the list you will be able to protect yourself from injuries which can affect your health and fitness regime.

Eat healthy
Pretty often injuries are directly connected to poor diet on which the body doesn’t receive the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning. Zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and E are just a small fraction of the elements your bones and muscles need so that your body functions harmoniously for your fitness goals. This is why it is extremely important to include in the menu food, rich in diverse nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Always warm up before workout
Warming up should become an integral part of your fitness regime. It prepares the body for the challenges it will encounter during the workout, and helps your muscles develop their full potential. Put stress on the muscle groups you will strain the most, including movements imitating those from the workout program itself.

Stop if you feel any kind of pain
Pain is the alarm sent by your brain, signaling there is something wrong happening in your body – a signal which shouldn’t be neglected in any way. If you feel even the slightest pain in a muscle or joint, you should stop the current exercise immediately to prevent more serious injuries.

Train less intensively and more frequently
Research has recently shown we should train with less intensity each time but with more frequency (more times during the week). So the muscles and body is not taxed so much and recover is much more quickly and responds faster because it is not trying to repair damage through over working the muscles or body.

Following these simple principles and listening to your body ensures you will diminish the risk from injuries, which can destroy your regime. For more effective workouts and faster results, without the risk of injuries, we recommend implementing Kre-Alkalyn+Vit.E in your daily regime. What makes it so special? Its innovative formula increases the levels of creatine in your body for a longer period of time compared to similar products, which not only gives you energy and endurance during prolonged workout sessions, it also helps for the faster recovery of the muscles. One product – so many benefits for you and your fitness goals!

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