Motivation is the invisible power driving us to achieve our goals - the engine of all the changes in our lives. At the beginning of every new year or new season we promise ourselves we would start living healthy, train harder, etc. In fact how many of these promises do we really keep? What about motivation - is it the same as when we set the goal? In most cases the answer is “no”.

The hardest part and the biggest hindrance on the way to achieving your goals is demotivation, caused by a busy lifestyle or lack of progress. How to cope with it and keep our motivation to get the body of our dreams? Read on to discover! :)

Set realistic goals
Top keywords for your progress are “goal” and “realism”. Each new training program starts with setting clear fitness goals and realistic results. At this stage the most appropriate thing to do is to seek advice from a fitness professional, who will define your physical activity level and give you advice how to achieve them and in how much time this will happen. First 5k or 220 lb on bench press - what is your next fitness goal?

Find a fitness buddy
Training with a friend who has the same fitness goals is not only fun but also extremely motivating. Friendly competition and support during your workout will give a boost to your training program and you will achieve your fitness goals together. Don’t forget - shared motivation is double motivation.

Measure your progress
The most common reason for demotivation is the lack of progress or the time it takes to achieve a visible result. Keep a fitness journal where you can note down used weights, sets, repetitions, type of the exercises, your weight and measures. All of these indicators, gradually changing in time, will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals - the strongest motivation comes with results. Focus on them. :)

Have fun during your workout
Make your workouts a special time during the day, when you have the opportunity to relieve stress and concentrate on yourself. Strive to share this time with good friends or spend it listening to your favourite playlist. Let the workout be that expected event in your busy routine, which keeps you in good mood and improves your health and physic.

Diversify your workouts
Don’t let the routine have a demotivating effect on your training program. Change your workouts a bit more often and in the same time make them more effective. When our muscles adjust with used weights progress slows down. Surprise your muscles with every workout - this will shorten the time to achieve your goals.

Building muscle takes time and consistency. With the help of our innovative product Kre-Alkalyn+Vit.E you will not only boost your energy levels and improve your strength, but also recover faster after workout. In this way you will train more effectively and all your efforts will be rewarded sooner than you expected!

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