Breakfast has long been considered like the most important meal of the day, and recent researches have reaffirmed its nutritional benefits. Some studies have reported reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as Type 2 diabetes among regular breakfast consumers. We might not have time to have a lavish breakfast buffet spread like a king, but having even a healthy dish or two makes the difference.

Breakfast, literally means break the fast. Since our body doesn’t consume anything after dinner till we wake up the next morning, our body is famished. Having consumed the energy from last night’s meal, we need to recharge our battery, which is on low level now.

But the greatest question is how to turn having breakfast in a habit?

Look at these ideas, inspire yourself for a better health and start tomorrow.

1. Drink two glasses of warm water on an empty stomach – When you wake up and you don’t have appetite, this is a good idea to start from somewhere. This is a healthy habit and it will work very well for you, because you will feel the emptiness in your stomach. One thing is sure, you will grab the first thing that is in front of you and you will eat it immediately. The other thing is that you can lose fat. After having breakfast your blood glucose levels are restored and you are full of energy again.
2. You don’t have enough time – Just grab a fruit. It’s easy and fast and it’s healthy. Another thing – fruit are full with fibers and are low on calories. And they give energy, too.
3. Set a daily alarm for breakfast - Just like your daily wake up in the morning alarm. Create a habit. Choose a favorite melody, that will reload you with positive energy. After two weeks, it will be easier. You can put a positive message on the headline of the alarm, too.
4. Make a plan - Write ideas for breakfast and create a calendar. Decide what you will consume during the week and have your time in the evening to cook or prepare the breakfast, so you won’t lose time in the morning.
5. Fast and healthy ideas – Oats. Eat them with soya milk for low fat calories. When you wake up the first thing that you can do is to go in the kitchen and to pour the oatmeal with soya /or coconut, rice, cow or another type/ milk. It is needed 20 minutes to be ready for consumption, so during this time you can have a shower, to put your clothes on or to have a little training at home.
6. Drink green tea 20 minutes before breakfast – You will be refreshed and hungry as hell.
7. Start Small. If you get nauseas when you eat breakfast, start small and add food slowly but gradually. This gives your body time to adapt. Example:
• 1st week: 2 scrambled eggs.
• 2nd week: 2 scrambled eggs with a 1/2 cup spinach.
• 3rd week: 3 scrambled eggs with a 3/4 cup spinach and an orange.

8. Eat Less Pre Bed. Having a big meal just before you go to bed will mess with your sleep and will make you less hungry on waking up.

9. Make It Tasty. Eating foods that you like will make it easier to build the habit of eating breakfast. Learn to use spices and herbs. Alternate the ingredients in your breakfast meal so you avoid boredom.

Be Consistent. Do not skip a day during your first 30 days trial. It only makes things harder. After this period, you will enjoy having a breakfast, you will be healthier and fitter. Enjoy your new energized body.

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