Nowadays, we have many different ways to train and different types of exercises which improve your body. One of them is the plank exercise. But why is so important to do plank exercises every day and what happens with your body?

1. The importance of core strength

Doing plank exercises every day is a great way to strengthen your core, and in doing so - to support your spine. Abdominal muscles must provide support for our entire back and spinal column for that reason our core muscles have to be strong and trained on a regular basis.

2. Reduce Back Pain

It is really horrible when you have back pain and you don’t want to take pills every time for that. Planks work wonders and brings relief to your back and also has the pleasant “side effect” of reducing back pain because they strengthen your core. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE):

   “Because the plank exercise requires minimal movement while contracting all layers of the abdominal fascia, it is an excellent way to strengthen the core, which, in turn, helps reduce low-back pain.”

3. Less Stressed

It has been medically proved that practicing this exercise greatly reduces the stress level. This is due to the activation of blood circulation and the reduction of stress hormones and the release of endorphins in the brain. The complete concentration on the way that the exercise is executed and the control of breathing, on the other hand, play the role of a kind of meditation, which further aids the psychological unloading.

4. Improving flexibility

Daily postures immobilize the body and reduce the elasticity of the muscles. The poster striker allows to improve the balance between the individual muscle groups and their elasticity, which helps the body to function properly and improves the flexibility of the muscles and tendons.

5. You May Enjoy Increased Metabolism and Fat Burn

The more efficient way of burning fat is to do a plank rather than a cardiovascular exercise. When you engage in training your strength your metabolic rate continues to increase even after you’ve stopped exercising… something, which doesn’t happen with cardiovascular activity.

For every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns around 50 calories more per day. So, if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you can burn up to 500 more calories per day than you did when you were weaker.

6. You can do everywhere

Enough space is the only thing needed to expand your body. You can do it at home, outside or on a trip.

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